Working at Bolt is a dream come true for former professional ballerina, Cameron. When she started making plans to return to Portland after a stint in Chicago, she thought, “If I could choose anywhere to work in Portland, it would be Bolt,” since it was her favorite place to shop when she lived here. Fortuitously, the stars aligned and Bolt had an opening!

Cameron's seamstress aunt taught her to sew when she was a kid. She takes the “always learning” approach to everything she tries, and loves imparting the joy of discovering a new challenge to everyone who comes through Bolt’s doors. Cameron also enjoys helping select bright, creative fabric combinations she never considered, since her textile loves skew to timeless linens and flannels—she loves seeing fabrics come to life in someone else’s vision.

In her time away from Bolt, you’ll find Cameron behind her sewing machine, knitting, exploring the the beauty of Oregon’s outdoors or toiling away on her graduate school homework.

Sarah Moon