Uniform Skirt, Prairie Style.

by Lupine.

Uniform skirt modern prarie

Ok, so by "Prairie" I really mean a lining, a ruffle, and pockets. But I wanted to show the Uniform Skirt (Barcelona Skirt Pattern) with the lined variation. As the weather turns, the added weight of the lining is less of a bother, and it can be really useful depending on your fabric choice. Say you love some kind of itchy wool but it will drive you nuts against your bare legs; line it. Or maybe you can't find anything better than a gorgeous Liberty Lawn which is a tiny bit sheer; line it. There are many reasons to forgo the lining: bulk, extra sewing, clinging lining problems, but sometimes there is no other good option.

Also, lining can provide an opportunity for some fun. Like a lining that shows on purpose. Even just a plain muslin that goes below the skirt an inch or two is really cute. Or try a contrasting print or color down there, surprising in a good way for sure. I chose an expensive ruffle for my lining, meaning I am using Liberty. These bikes are so dear, but only just the littlest bit is enough. Just a quarter yard for the lined pockets and the ruffle, which works out to under 10 bucks. Since my other fabric was quite reasonable, I haven't broke the bank to use something that I truly love. 

Uniform skirt ruffle detail

To do the Prairie version, I just made the skirt according to the pattern (including lining). For the ruffle I cut a quarter yard of the Liberty bikes in half lengthwise creating two long strips. Then I folded it in half wrong sides together to create the finished bottom edge. I basted the folded strips and gathered the ruffle then attached it to the unfinished lining. After attaching, I finished the raw edges together (serger, how I love you) and then topstitched on the lining side of the ruffle to hold the finished seam up, thus keeping the ruffle down.

Uniform skirt prarie pocket

The pockets this time are a patch pocket with a fold over flap. I couldn't decide on a button so I haven't added it yet. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.  I made up the pocket shape easily, and although I like it a lot, think next time I would make it slightly bigger. 

Sewing like this is really fun. When I began this project I only knew about half way where I was going. The rest I made up as I went. I think a great simple shaped pattern is a good jumping off point, from there the details can be borrowed from other patterns, made up, or added later on. I find this type of sewing where I make decisions as I go really relaxing.  Creativity is what I love about sewing after all.