Our first challenge

by Gina.

Shop 10.11.09 022

I often hear comments or questions from customers about what I sew, or that I must sew a lot, that my wee child must have a whole bunch of homemade things.  This is not the case.  I do very much enjoy sewing, love seeing a piece of fabric turn into something different, something structural, something more useful, all by my doing.  I also really love imagining all the things I’d love to create with the fabric that I order and see come out of the many boxes we receive.

The truth of the matter is that I don’t get much time to sew.  And that’s OK.  I didn’t open the store because I wanted to be behind my sewing machine all the time.  I opened it because I love fabric and realized there were a lot of other people out there who seemed to feel the same.  If I happen upon a day that I feel I don’t have any other responsibilities, I fill it with looking through recipe magazines and picking out some delicious sounding goodness for the evening’s meal.  As we start to feel that autumnal nip in the air I find myself thinking of all sorts of fall recipes.

OK, this isn’t a post about cooking, don’t worry—we haven’t gone too far off course.  It’s about aprons.  I know it’s a bit cliché, but there’s something about November and aprons for me.  I’m not much of an apron wearer myself, but should be, as I have mole (there should be an accent on that there "e") splattered all over my shirt today.  A couple years back I made up a group of aprons from Amy Butler’s In Stitches (shown above) and gave them as gifts to three of my close girlfriends, along with a set of cloth napkins.  It’s a simple, quick pattern with two fabrics—one for the main body and one for the tie and hem.  I love pairing fabric and I find the challenge more fun when thinking of what friends would want.

I’ve also made up the French Flea Market Apron by Portland area local, MichelleKunigisky.  It is adorable.  Ruffly, ruffly, and looks so different depending on your fabric choices.  This pattern will make you a pro at gathering.

Flea market apron
So I’d like to toss out our first challenge to you fine participants of Bolt Neighborhood.  For the month of November we would like to deck our walls with your apron creations.  Pick a pattern, or make one up, and get stitchin’.  Ideally, I’d like to see things that people can find in the store—pattern and / or fabric-wise, and not entirely, but at least somewhat.  Bring them in with your name and contact info attached and by mid-November we’ll announce a winner.  There won’t be any formal judging, just appreciation and a random winner will be drawn.  And the prize…a $20 gift certificate to Bolt along with a copy of A.pron.o.logy—an impressive publication chock full of apron ideas.  To help with supplies, all apron patterns will be 20% off at the store through Sunday, October 18th.  Please plan on us showing off your fine piece of work for the entire month.  We'll hand them back over in December.  For those of you out of the area, we will have more events that will be easier for you all to participate in and I hope you’ll post picks of your aprons on our Flickr page.