Wiggle Room.

by Lupine.

As the weather changes, or changed over night here in PDX, I am ready to sew.  Well, you all may notice that I sew all the time, but there is a different feeling way deep in my bones.  The sewing feeling. 

Just what you need, the sewing feeling and room in the very full, so full in fact we have added another session, Uniform Skirt Class.  

There are now two different times of this class being offered, one starting tomorrow with ONE SPOT LEFT!  and one next week starting Tuesday the 20th with two spots left.  I think.  This seems to change by the minute, so there might only be one....  

But you could make this.  

Skirt finished

Or this.

Uniform skirt modern prarie

Or your amazing own vision of this lovely skirt to wear when the wind blows and the rains come.  Then you will feel happy, and prepared for raking leaves, gathering apples, and cooking stuff.  Well, for cooking stuff you will need an apron to protect your skirt from mole`.  

Two sessions offered:

Wednesdays, October 14th and 21st 

Tuesdays, October 20th and 27th. 

Both sessions are from 6:30-9 pm.  

Contact Bolt to sign up.