More empty boxes

by Gina.

Shop 10.11.09 008 

Last week brought  us those fantastic coated cottons from Westminster Fibers.  It’s a new recipe that they showed us initially with Anna Maria Horner’s prints.  They are pliable and soft, if you can describe a plastic coated cloth as such.  They are also wider than many of the printed cottons, at a handy 59”.  The Autumn 2009 issue of Ottobre Magazine featured a darling raincoat made with one of the AMH prints. 

These will also be great for wipe-able tablecloths, aprons, sew two together for a picnic blanket that won’t let that damp grass moisture seep through.  I suppose a raincoat is more in line with the chi-chi-chi-chilly weather we’re experiencing.  There are also narrower prints of coated cotton from Kokka (the bird Echino print) and Moda (the blue and black and the whacky multi colored ones).  They’re all hanging out with the oilcloth in the bin by the buttons.

Shop 10.11.09 011 

Oh, and I can’t forget this cutie corduroy…...We also have the remaining items due from Amy Butler’s Love line.  I ordered a few home dec weight prints and I’m figuring we should see them before the weekend.  Our class list is going out to the e-mail list folks on Wednesday and will be posted here the following day.  If you’d like to get on the e-mail list you can do so through the Bolt website contact us page.

In the world of notions, we’re making a couple of changes, mostly very subtle.  We will be gradually switching over to bulk double fold bias tape so you will be able to purchase as much or as little as you need without being locked into the precut size in the packaged version.  This will reduce waste on a couple of levels (of unused bias tape and of packaging), and we’ll be able to offer more and lovelier colors.  We’re starting with the “extra wide” size and will be gradually shifting over the narrower size as well.  We also just started ordering Gutermann elastic thread.  It comes in more colors than black and white and again, no packaging!