Guess Work.

by Lupine.

Flower Fairy Pattern

Halloween this year brings not one but two flower fairies. One will be pink and one will be yellow. There was much motherly research put into the style of "flower" costume that would make the fairies more than just tutus and wings.  I thought of the headband flower, neck style petals, all sorts of things, then I saw this pattern.

Easy, I thought, I will just go home, get a bodice pattern from an exiting dress, add some petals over the skirt, and wing it. I have made many dresses for the girls, but I couldn't find the right style bodice.  That was where I began to think again about the wisdom of passing up that pattern.

I am working with some slippery stuff, and I do want these costumes to stand the test of time. The fairy costumes will go from Halloween night to the dress up hooks on the wall so they won't be quickie felt numbers this year.  I want them to be fairly comfortable and made well enough that they can be worn over and over again.

I love the making things up part of sewing, adding pockets to a favorite skirt pattern, changing the shape of a sleeve or neckline. But this time I just couldn't do it. I had to go back for the pattern. I needed these costumes to be quick and didn't want to think too much about them.  

Flower Fairy Bodice

Now I am done with one bodice and glad that I got a pattern to guide me through. The second one will be super fast. I have made a few changes to the first version, no extra lining of tulle on the bodice for example, but I didn't have to figure out much, just cut and sew.

I will be sewing some petals this afternoon and turning this bodice into a beautiful flower dress, with out much guess work at all.  Having this pattern is contributing to my ability to get excited for the upcoming holiday, which for me is money well spent.