Life is happening, eat some waffles

by Gina.

Shop 10.19.09 006 
Those regular visitors out there may have noticed a bit of a slow down over here at Bolt Neighborhood.  We're sorry about that.  Between taking care of ailing little ones and preparing for the store's big mega-sale (this weekend, scroll down to see details), we haven't had much time.  We'll be back in action more next week.  So enjoy the little break, take some pictures of your latest projects, post them to the Flickr page, come by the sale and eat some waffles?  Yep.  This Saturday is the grand opening of the Solar Waffle Works cart on NE Alberta and 23rd, just one block east of Bolt.  It's a great project--solar powered food cart--created by the folks at Soltrekker.  Check it out and we'll see you soon.