Trench Coat Fun.

Autumn shares some thoughts about her recent discovery of making this trench reversible and her inspirations for this pattern's future possibilities. She is teaching this class coming up, but of course due to the loveliness of this project, it is full. Maybe, if enough of you leave comments and questions, Autumn can follow this post up with simple instructions on how to make this pattern into the lined two sided beauty you see here.



Every once in a while I come across a pattern that really inspires me. A simple pattern with loads of different possibilities. Something that has a classic shape but is very easy to customize. I love the Favorite Things Child's Hooded Jacket. There are so many possibilities with that jacket. I have made it several times and each time I change it up a bit. I have made a sweatshirt out of the pattern, a warm batted winter coat, and right now I'm working on a jacket without the panels and ribbing around the cuffs and bottom of the jacket. The pattern is simple enough that adding these different details has been fun and easy, and each time I am challenged to come up with new ones for the next go around.


My most recent inspiring pattern is the Trench pattern in the Chic and Simple book. The simplicity of this pattern is a perfect base for so many possibilities. I love the raglan sleeves and the way the sleeves bell out. I also love the large pockets on the front.


The first trench I made was a class sample for Bolt. The pattern is simple and well written. I changed the original pattern slightly by lining the trench. I thought a lining would make the trench so much more wearable and add a fun design element. 

The lining fabric could be almost any fabric you have your eye on. I loved the fall colors of the fabric I chose for the lining.  The inside of this trench makes a great place to show off a large scale pattern or a geometric print. When you line your coat in this way your coat will also be reversible, giving this simple and chic trench even more possibilities.


The outside of the coat worked nicely in a heavier weight fabric. A corduroy, upholstery weight, or medium weight canvas all would look great. I chose the organic cotton canvas for the outside of the coat. I love the array of colors that this canvas comes in but they are all so lovely it does make it difficult to choose.  

I have so many dreams and thoughts about future jackets from this same pattern: coated cotton is water-proof and comes in great designs, I can see adding a hood and a belt to this jacket, or a button panel to the front, and maybe even a collar on another coat. I also think a zipper could be a great modern addition to an ordinary trench coat.

Lucky me, now I have two favorite jacket patterns, one for the kids and one for me. Both with endless possibilities.