Wow, thank you!

Empty bolts post sale 004 
by Gina.

That was one huge sale!  Thank you very much for coming out for it.  The lines were often long and you all were so lovely and gracious as we worked as quickly as we could.  Thanks for your patience, and thanks to Melissa for having such amazing timing to show up just when we needed some help getting those bolts back out on the floor.  Our crew was a bit small due to illness and travel, but Amy and Hannah worked so hard all three days, and we were all pretty worn out toward the end.  Thanks again!

We actually have some empty shelves in the store now.  Crazy.  For those of you still looking for a great deal, we are loaded with remnants and the two cabinets below the window are full of fabric marked down 40%. 

This sale marked our fourth birthday.  I feel so grateful to be able to say that.  Thank you all so much for the ongoing support.  I am well aware that we are only here because you keep us here.  Thank you. Hope to see you soon.  Gina