Happy Halloween.

From all of us at Bolt and Bolt Neighborhood.

Flower Fairy Bina

As you can see, both costumes have been completed. These were delightful to make and the wearers seem to really enjoy them. I hope they will continue to do so throughout the years to come.  

I did make some changes with the second costume (above). I fully lined the bodice. I am not a very big fan of facing. I don't really get it, especially with children's clothes. It is just awkward and usually more difficult than fully lining the project. To do it for these bodices, I just simply cut out an extra bodice, constructed it as usual, and then attached it around the arm seams and the neck and back. It happens to be exactly the same as attaching the facing. I also decided that hook and eye's are not very kid friendly. To me, buttons are easier and more fun, so I added them.  

And I pretty much ignored the instructions after the bodice and the petals part. I used my own layer plan and just gathered and gathered and basted one to the next until I had enough. Then attached the petal layer to the bodice and then the skirt layers over. Sewed around the skirt-bodice pile and there you go. Done. 

I find that sewing one project after the next is worth while for me (instead of making them both at the same time). I can decide on the changes to make in the pattern or project and often save a bit of time on the second one. If doing more then two, I would do all the rest the second time. Does that make sense?  Sew one, make changes, sew the rest.  

Flower Fairy Dot

Now, for the candy, jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, parties, and rest of the rainy halloween fun! Enjoy.