Choosing Favorites is Wrong, Right?

by Lupine.

Quilt grayson

I love to teach the class Doll Quilt Small Quilt. The look of the students the first night of class is nothing short of bewilderment. I have had some of these same students in other classes, and they do not have the same look on their faces when they show up to learn how to sew kids pants.  

Quilt choosing fabric

From choosing fabrics, talking about inspiration and color, to the breakthrough at the end--a hand sewing knot called the quilters knot, this class is wonderful. I do a lot of other kinds of sewing besides quilting, but every time I make a quilt or teach this class I feel as though I have been bitten. Not Edward Cullen style mind you, just with a powerful desire to go home and unleash some scraps and turn out quilt after lovely quilt.

Quilt-cutting top

I have a feeling after last nights class, I am not alone. I had three students get to the very last step, hand sewing the binding on the back of the quilt. It would take more time than class allows to finish, but everyone was well on their way to completing amazing little quilts.

Quilt basting

Maybe it is the feeling of breakthrough after breakthrough for the students. They get on their walking feet 

and start quilting and again there is a thrill that it actually works. 

Quilt machine quilting

They figure out how to miter a corner and it isn't really as difficult as it seams, and wow, the sigh of relief and the feeling of--well, I guess the feeling of learning takes over.

Quilt binding on

I often see these moments in class, from seaming pants to hemming aprons, all my classes are really delightful to teach.

Quilt hand sewing

But something about these beautiful quilts just moves me. I bet you can understand why. Look at them. They are beautiful.

Quilt Sarah's

Quilt finished corner

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