Fabulous Double Gauze

Shelly has fallen in love. Let her inspire you to take the plunge and get that Double Gauze Cotton down off the shelf.  You will fall in love with its soft hand and amazing prints and thanks to Shelly, have a few of the DGC questions answered.


Like most of you, I’m a fabricaholic. I have had my obsessions with designers and stalked many manufacturing companies. Recently stumbled upon a fabric like no other. Double-Gauze Cotton, my new love. At first I was drawn to the fabric because of the gorgeous prints and soft hand but now after spending some time actually sewing with it I have many more reasons to justify my love. 


Double-gauze cotton is two thin single pieces of cotton gauze, that have a loose open weave and are of similar weight to cotton voile.  The two layers of gauze are attached by using a grid of tiny invisible stitches. Because of the double layer it keeps the fabric from being sheer. 

DGC is used for so many different things.  It’s a wonderful fabric for handbags, children’s fashion, adult apparel (local seamster), quilts and home décor.

DGC is wonderful to sew with.  After you wash and dry your fabric you’ll love how soft and rich the fabric feels in your hands. You’ll notice little difference in the shrinkage and you’ll be happy with the loft result. The fabric has a bit of stretch to it, more than your average quilting cotton but less than knit. It will ravel easily so I suggest going easy on it, don't work/play with the fabric too much after washing/drying.  

When sewing with DGC use a sharp needle size 70/10 and increase your stitch length to 2.5. When I use the fabric for apparel I prefer French seams.  I like to finish most of my seams using this technique because it makes me feel that my seams are secure and neatly finished.  If not using a French seam technique I would recommend stitching your seams 5/8” and zigzagging or serging your edges. 


When creating button holes with DGC, I recommend using Pro-Weft Fusible interfacing behind your button hole. It is a great interfacing for DCG because it is a knit and woven interfacing combined into one product, perfect for this task.

DGC is cotton after all, so when pressing use a hot setting for gorgeous straight seams.  When you’re ready to decorate your home with pillows and curtains remember, when it comes to DGC careful pressing is the key.

Quilters be warned:  once you create a gorgeous quilt for someone with double gauze cotton know that they will want more!

I hope you enjoy your new love affair as I have and be sure to upload your gorgeous creations to the boltneighborhood flickr site.  We would all love to see what you have created.