Binding Straight and Narrow.

by Lupine.

Napkins-Straight binding

We have had a lot of goings on about napkins lately, so although this one is also about napkins, I am really trying to share a new (to me) binding technique. I have done my fair share of binding: quilts, clothing, napkins, aprons... the list goes on. Recently, I discovered a little something new, thanks to the folks over at the Pearl Bee. I was setting about making my little sister some new birthday napkins, something to use at her Thanksgiving table. She is doing her first real holiday entertaining with her boyfriend in LA. Hosting his family at their house, and having just had a birthday which I have not yet gotten her a gift, I knew napkins would be a useful and fun addition to her home.

Napkin folded

I did get the actual request for napkins, which I love to use and make.  She made me some when she was about 10 that I still use daily and have held up well. They always make me think of her and more importantly, her when she was 10; delightful and learning to sew.

I got started and learned this cool way of using binding cut on the straight of grain and made to go around square corners. How fun, and how easy. This would be great on a small quilt or blanket, which I will be doing soon in flannel. I have a few new babies that need to snuggle and a single layer blanket is so nice and makes a great layer for little ones all year long. I will use this new technique for sure, as it is fun and easy and requires no hand sewing. 

Napkin on chair

For a quilt or heirloom item, I think I still prefer the machine/hand stitched method, where one side is done by machine and the other by hand.  And going around curves I would always apply my binding on the bias.  But there are some instances where straight grain binding by machine makes a good bit of sense, and it saves on fabric and makes cutting very simple.