Flannel, just in time

by Gina.

I have to admit I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a lull lately.  Not sure if it’s the change in season and decrease in daylight, or the feeling that the year is flying by and the thought of the end of the year inching up on us makes me a little tired.  Either way, I will be making an effort to get more things out here on a more regular basis.

Ah flannel 005   
We continue to have some exciting new lines from some of my favorite designers trickle on into the store.  The “Folksy Flannel” from Anna Maria Horner arrived yesterday.

Last week we received the new Amy Butler flannel.  Just in time for this chilly, chilly weather.  A number of years ago I made a scarf with her earlier line of flannel.  I still wear it and love it.  It was the simplest thing ever to make.  It appears I serged the end on only one end.  I’m not sure why and I think if I were to make another with this new flannel—which I’m really, really thinking of doing—I would certainly finish both ends and not serge.  I even made a couple of flannel scarves that year for some friends.  It was a fun and fast (super fast) project and made for really cozy winter gifts.  Mine ended up being about six feet long because I liked so many of the prints and wanted to use them all.  I just cut them into different widths and got to sewing.  I think it’s staying on for the rest of the day…

Scarf 006 
There’s some cute Alice in Wonderland prints in the store now too.  I’m not typically one for licensed or identifiable, or commercial images on fabric, but I thought these were tasteful and cute—not like an advertisement. 


While I was in the store yesterday, the latest issue of Threads magazine arrived.  Another issue, chock full of helpful information.  We still have a number of Ottobre issues available and the latest Burda arrived not long ago.  The Burda website is very cool and worth a gander if you haven’t already checked it out.  There are a number of free, downloadable patterns and tons of cool fashion-y things that folks are doing and sharing.  Inspirational, for sure. 

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