What do you think?

by Gina.

010 cutie owls and butterflies in home dec weight from Alexander Henry

I’m on the fence with a purchasing decision and thought I might try asking our customers for their thoughts.  Novel idea, right?!  There are some amazing new fabrics from Mod Green Pod—they are organic cotton, upholstery weight, and made in the U.S.  What?!  All that?? You ask.  Yep, and they are great designs—modern, colorful, fun, and simple.  They retail for around $40 / yard.  I would love to bring them into the store, but am curious how many of you out there are interested.  Leave a comment, let me know, or mention it to us when you’re in the store next.


The other amazing, amazing fabric that I’m so absolutely in love with is from Australia.  Three gals hand silk screen cloth in their studio over there.  The coolest designs, the most lovely of colors.  Ink and Spindle is what they go by and it would retail for about $70 a yard or more, or around $14 per fat quarter (and that would be approximately 18” square).  It’s a treat to gaze upon their designs.  Again, I’m curious to know how many folks out there would be interested.  It’s a departure from what I typically carry as far as price goes, so let me know what you think. 


Thanks and enjoy browsing!

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