Handmade for Everyone? Really?

by Lupine.

Pj's under machine

Is it really possible to whip out all (or almost all) handmade gifts this year for your Holiday of choice? It is such an overwhelming thought, and only gets more so as time marches nearer and nearer to the actual season and the gifts still aren't made.

If you are like me, you start with big intentions, then, if you are lucky, settle on a few choice gifts for the people who will really appreciate your hard work. But in these times, economy is ever more important, keeping it simple really keeps that at the forefront of your handmade holiday adventures.

There are great holiday gift resources on line. Look around at Sew Mama Sew, and peruse the pages of the Pearl Bee, you will be full up with ideas for everyone on your list.  

My best hint of all is this: Choose one or maybe two things and give them to everyone. This is much easier if your list is short. Encourage swaps and exchanges instead of gifting for each member of your husbands entire extended family. Then you can make it with love, and make a few instead of too many.

So, now for a few tips on producing something in multiple:

1.  Sew one first. This way you know if it is a pain or a joy. Plus you can make any changes you might want to make to the pattern, project, plan...  you get it.

2.  Sew the rest together. As in cut all at once, sew a seam, sew the next one, same seam, and sew on.

3.  Get your friends involved. This year my craft night lady friends intend to do this with PJ's for our kids. We will all meet up over a couple nights and do it assembly line style.

4.  Start early. Goes with out saying right? 

5.  Keep it simple. Something utilitarian is always nice:  felt boards, quilted pot holders, hooded bath towels, PJ pants...

Pj's on door

Hope those tips help. I find that when I am really wanting to make something special and one of a kind for my recipient, I shoot for the birthday gift. That way I can pour all the time and creativity into one lovely thing. For the holidays, I like to keep it simple, fun, and still lovingly handmade.

This year it is The Year of the Pajama around my house. So if you are my child, husband, mother, sister-in-law, you may just be a little less surprised (I don't think they read here often, thankfully), but I am all ready having fun with this project.  If you would like to join me, a class on PJ's is coming Nov 12th and 19th, and there is still room and time enough for you to make some jammie pants for all those on your list.