Amy Karol Book Signing this Thursday!

Amy Karol, local author and so much more, will be holding a book signing and all in all fun time at the store on Thursday, the 5th.  Check it out!




hey you all!

I really really hope you guys can come to my book singing for Bend the Rules with Fabric at Bolt! I will have some stories, examples from the book to show, answers for your questions, some donut holes (I'm serious) and little iron-on transfers to give away if you bring a book for me to sign (or you can buy one at Bolt!). 

AND, when you come, you will get a chance to win a lovely tote bag filled with a copy of my newest book, Bend the Rules with Fabric, a box of Bend the Rules Gift Labels, chocolate, and some supplies to make a few projects in my book, how lovely!!

Please come, I'd love to see you all. I will be having a little talk starting at 7:00, and then it's just a party after that. Sweet!

So, it's 7:00 pm, Thursday November 5th at Bolt.

See you Thursday,

Amy (angry chicken)