Sophisticated Style.

by Lupine.

Colette coat
Lady Gray Coat.

They are beautiful, sophisticated, and made right here in the City of Roses. Colette Patterns has 5 new beautiful patterns just released last Friday (hold your horses, they won't actually be available until mid December). I have yet to sew one of these lovely pieces, but I did have the opportunity to help a student work on this dress a few weeks ago. It was amazingly precise and thoroughly written and had come together beautifully for her. And get this: her husband had bought her the pattern, and a few others as well, as part of an anniversary gift. She was making the dress in a dashing silk dupioni to wear out on a date with the most amazing husband ever. What fun!

Sewing with well written patterns can make it possible for a beginner to work a skill level or two beyond where they might feel naturally comfortable. When the instructions are clear with clear pictures of each step, there is less hair-pulling and things tend to come together more easily. 

While you pass time between now and mid-December, stop by their blog and find some inspiring tips and treats. I am kind of hung up on the new "Sencha" shirt.   Maybe it is all the Mad Men I have been watching, but the buttons down the back seem thrilling and the fabric options seem endless. What is your favorite Colette beauty? And please weigh in if you have had a chance to work with these patterns, we would love to hear what you think.