Too cold to fish

Autumn shares this great scrap-liberating gift idea for small fisherpeople, or big people who can't get out to fish in this cold weather.


Here is a fun quick gift idea for your little fisherperson.

I made this for R. when he turned three and it has been a favorite of his ever since.  R. likes to just pour them out onto the rug and go fishing.  You could turn it into a game by adding numbers onto the fish for keeping score or make up your own game.



Fabric from your stash (scraps are perfect for this)

Pollyfill or other stuffing


Magnet for your fishing rod


1.  Draw out a fish template onto cardboard (you can wing this, I did).

2.  Go to your stash and cut out 20 fish for 10 finished fish. Cut through two layers at once to make it 2xfaster.

3.  I added the numbers at this point using Heat n' Bond, but you don't need this step to make a game out of your fish.

4.  Stitch two of your fish together with wrong sides together...leaving a small hole in the tail for putting in the stuffing.

5.  Stuff the fluff into the body of the fish.  The tail can be fluff free...this makes it easier to sew up the hole in the tail.   You could topstitch a line where the fluff ends and the tail begins if you want.


6.  Topstitch the hole closed and cut around your fish with your pinking sheers.  

7.  Now, hand sew your washers onto your fish.  

8.  Your fishing rod could be as simple as a stick from your yard and a magnet sewn onto the end of a string.  I fashioned my rod using wire, fluff, fabric, and glue.


9.  Now, go fishing...inside, because it is too cold outside (or wrap up nicely for a super fun future fishing adventure).