Wrapping with Fabric.

Wrapping Scarf Revolution

by Lupine

Holidays. They have me thinking about gifts to make, hostess gifts, treats to bake, and how to present these treasures to family and friends. I like a nice paper covered box as much as the next girl, but imagine, something more lovely, thoughtful and environmentally friendly all the same. Sure, you could sit around on boxing day and carefully remove all the tiny pieces of scotch tape from your paper wrap to use for next year, but please, you have got chocolate to eat and pine needles to sweep up.

A lovely piece of fabric, used correctly can liven up your holiday and keep you away from those rolls of paper wrapping at the same time. Take a look at this lovely little package. All neat and tidy and reusable.

There is even this handy video that talks about the book and shows an easy little fabric wrap. This books focus is on the Korean style wrap, or bojagi. There are traditional styles of fabric wrapping from Japan as well, here is a PDF endorsed by the government of Japan in order to cut down on the use of plastic bags. And a little more info on the origins of the Japanese Furoshiki tradition.

Wrapping Scarf inside

Basically you need a large enough square of fabric and some simple instructions. This could be a great use of bigger scraps or even fabric that never reached its intended purpose. The book uses a lot of luxe type fabrics: silks, organdy, rayons, but I imagine anything would work, and would create some nice fresh looks.