ahhh, warmth

by Gina.

 Fleece 001.3

It's really cold here.  Bitter cold.  Not Arctic tundra cold, but cold for us used to the fairly mild fall-winter weather that we usually get here.  The cold was so present in my thoughts, it dictated what I purchased today for the store: fleece and flannel.

I wasn't planning on picking up more fleece and flannel, but that's what happened.  All of a sudden I found myself stuffing the third big, fluffy bolt of fleece into my cart.  I kept it pretty mellow with colors--charcoal, ivory and brown.  I started thinking about different projects and thought of scarves.  I pictured a simple strip of fleece with a lovely print attached to dolly it up.  So, since the fleece wasn't going to make a particularly interesting photo on its own, I tossed in a couple of cotton prints that I was thinking of using.

A reminder of our holiday schedule:

We'll have extended hours on Mondays, 12/21 and 12/28, 10 am to 6 pm.  We will close at 3 pm on Tuesday, 12/22 and re-open Sunday, 12/27 at 11 am. 

See you soon!