Quickie Belt

[caption id="attachment_56" align="alignnone" width="233" caption="Same cute shirt, a little more shape."]Cute shirt, but a little shapeless.     Cute shirt, but a little shapeless.

Recently I made this cute and quick shirt pattern .  It was a snap to make up, but I did end up adding a little length to the shirt.  I am long, what can I say, shirts are never long enough for me.  Generally I just tack on a couple inches when cutting everything.  Then shorten if necessary, which it never is.

I like this shirt a lot.  Comfy, nice fit, but a touch too plain.  It needed a little detail, and a belt seemed perfect.  My very stylish younger sister suggested one that would be worn higher than normal, and so here it is:

Same cute shirt, a little more shape.[/caption]

To make the belt, I cut a long strip of matching fabric on the straight of grain.  Then, for stability, added some mid-weight fusible interfacing about a quarter inch inside the edge of the fabric as to keep the seams less bulky.    Next, I sewed a long tube, right sides together, and turned it.  I pressed it with the seam on the inside in the center of the belt and edged stitched the sides.  

First I tried some D-rings and wasn't satisfied, so off to Bolt I went.  There I found this cool tortoise shell buckle and knew it was just the thing for my belt.   Bye bye D-rings and hello belt!   

[caption id="attachment_58" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Fancy belt buckle."]Fancy belt buckle.[/caption]

Now, to sort out the belt loop thing...  do I really want them?  Can I survive with the flappy end of the belt hanging down?  I can double the belt under and fold it through the buckle, thus making it less slippy and keeping track of the excess length.  Plus, then I can move it up and down for different looks.  Still, loops might be nice, so it doesn't keep creeping down throughout the day.  Oh, decisions, decisions...