So many babies, so little time

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This great post is from Amy, employee at Bolt, lover of fabric, sewer, and occasional guest author here at Bolt Neighborhood.

My friends and family seem to be procreating at an astronomical rate presently. I always strive to craft up something special for the new arrivals, ideally something practical and something that can “grow” with them - like a quilt. But there are only so many crafting hours in the day (and three new babies coming in July!) so I’m shifting gears and thinking on a smaller scale. Something small enough that I can work “assembly line” style, and still crank them out in an afternoon. Oh, and If I can make them out of materials I have on hand, fabric scraps and leftover trims, then so much the better. So far, I’m liking the looks of these sweet little Kimono Baby Shoes from Homespun Threads, and also Heather Bailey’s Bitty Booties. (Be sure to check out all the amazing variations on the latter pattern in the Bitty Booties Flickr Pool ) I realize these will no longer be useful in a matter of 6 or 8 months, but they are so adorable that hopefully they’ll still be cherished after they no longer fit.