I Heart Smocking

by Lupine.

Smocked Sun Top. 

More elastic thread love for this happy sundress making Mother of two.  Today I completed a little sun-top for the Big Sister, which I am planning on trying to fit on the Little Sister, and frankly, it will probably fit her as a dress.  I am so pleased with the Smocked Sundress pattern in HR Weekend Sewing and have made 3 so far.  This time, I chose to make a top.  I imagine this paired with the shorts I made last week.  Making these little smocked tops is so much fun, they turn out lovely every time and the options are endless.  

Very Helpful Seam Guide. 

I use a little seam guide in my sewing machine, thus leaving out the step of marking all the smocking lines, and then it is even quicker.   I also spied an adult version of this dress from HR that she wore on Martha!  That is in my future...  and can you imagine the matching outfit possibilities...  Mother, Daughter, Baby, and something for the Papa!  OK, that is unlikely, but I do fancy a little matchy-matchy for my kids from time to time, and they really enjoy it too.  


Smocked Sundress. 

Every machine is a bit different sewing with elastic thread, and you will almost certainly have to play with your tension, and possible even your... gasp... bobbin tension.  I usually just move my upper tension to about a 2 and away I go.  I would most certainly recommend winding your bobbin by hand.  A little slower, but essential to not stretch the thread ahead of sewing it.  Other than that, you just sew with a straight stitch.  After a shot of steam, the elastic gets all scrunchy and your smocking is complete.  

Bring on the sundresses!