Our Story

Bolt Neighborhood is a space for conversation about creating with fabric and how it relates to the community around us--and vice versa.  Bolt Neighborhood Fabric Boutique is the heart of the blog, with one contributor, Gina, introducing themes and ideas around the shop, people that love it, fabric, sewing, and all that comes from walking through the door on Alberta Street in NE Portland, OR. 

Here at Bolt Neighborhood you will also find content from community members, teachers, other local bloggers, and friends near and far.  Some of this will be captured and/or created by Lupine, sewing teacher and avid maker of things for her two little girls and self, friends, and other folks.  Lupine is representing the voice outside the inner workings of the shop--that of the customer, inspired creator, sewer, crafter, friend and neighbor.

Bolt is located within a community, both physically and creatively, here in Portland that blows our socks off!  Alberta is a dynamic street that changes daily.  From parades and celebrations, to new shops, galleries, boutiques, and craft outposts, amazing creative juices spill out into the greater community and the shop. Portland is the home of crafters, quilters, DIY-ers, sewers, authors, knitters, printers, fabric lovers, and so much amazing energy that inspiration lurks everywhere.  We at Bolt Neighborhood are trying to catch it and share it with you all.