by Lupine.

shorts and seam ripper.

Often in class, I suggest students get out their seam ripper and have at a bit of un-sewing. I am usually met with a less-than-happy face, one that says some combination of  "Really? Me? Do I have to?" and  "I agree, this looks awful."   

I usually have that same feeling when confronted with the decision of whether to rip or not to rip.  By now (thanks to my lovely Bernina), my seams are pretty neat and my stitches pretty even.  But that can do nothing for an ill fitting side seam in a shirt or a pant cuff that is the wrong length.  Sometimes I just fake it and pretend that "this is the awkward look I was going for." But frankly, those are the items that I never take off the hanger to wear when I am finally finished. It is usually worth just busting out my handy seam ripper and having at it.

Currently I have removed the cuff from a pair of shorts  for the Big Girl.  They are sitting over there (on the ironing board—just to the right of me) waiting to be correctly sized and re-attached.  This time, creating the super nice little gather on the bottom cuff lacking in the first go around.  The shorts were cute, fit well, and Big Girl loved them (even saying they helped her run faster).  But my eyes just wanted to see that sweet little gather  that lead me to the pattern in the first place.   

So, I will take to this un-sewing in two sittings:  First, rip; and second, re-attach.  That way, the pain is slightly less.  And after taking a look at the clock, I realized that it was about 10-15 minutes for the removal of two cuffs, including a row of stitching to attach and another row of topstitching.  Not so bad really.  

OK, time to go re-attach some cuffs.