Mary Go 'round

Shelly is a pattern designer and blogger, and we are lucky to have her as a teacher at Bolt.  You can find her patterns at the shop and her blog here, and her class for the Mary Go 'round dress on the current schedule at Bolt.

My most favorite part of Figgy's is the children. I named my first shop "Figgy's Kids" because of that fact. I love seeing the dresses dance on a little girl or a pair of board shorts dig in the dirt on young boy. When I opened my email a week ago I was happy to see this photo from my friend and photographer Angela. Inside the package was the dress I designed and made for her daughter.

I knew Angela's photography would be incredible and had no doubt I would love her shots but when I received the next email with the photos I was ecstatic to see Eve looking ever so lovely and to hear from Angela she loves the dress, I had my (.)


Eve Back Cover

Thank you sweet Eve!