The Softest Canvas.

by Lupine.

OG Cotton canvas

Organic Cotton Canvas is such wonderful fabric.  I am about to use it for a pair of pants for my littlest.  I am not sure how I will ever be able to choose a color, they are all amazing.  After washing this fabric it becomes so soft and lovely and yet still is a great sturdy mid-weight fabric.  I have used if for these pants, and plan to girly up the same pattern for a pair of sunny yellow or medium tan pants for the baby.  As for my own list of sewing projects, I can see how this would be lovely for something like the Study Hall skirt, a pattern with a little more structure, perfect for the coming season.  

I have a tendency to purchase lots of prints, because they are so amazing and eye-catching, but since having worked with the OG Canvas, I drool over all of the beautiful colors.  It is nice to sew with solids for a change.  

Making basic wearable clothes by hand is a very satisfying activity, it is like the sewing version of canning pickles from the farmers market or taking a trip to the farm to see where the cheese really comes from.  It connects me with the process of everyday life, and even my kids have begun to ask "who made this" and "can you make me one Mama" instead of "I want that" or "can you buy this for me."  As a mother and a crafter, this is what it is all about.