Lantern Bloom just arrived!

by Gina.

Curtains 8.09 013

Tuesday afternoon we unpacked Lantern Bloom by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller Fabrics.  It's gorgeous.  I love the richness of the backgrounds, the boldness of the colors and the organic nature of the images.  The prints were made from her original paintings and the texture of the paintings translated well on the cloth.  This is the designer's first line of fabric, and I hope to see more.  She has ties to the NW, as her mom, Elinor Peace Bailey --respected doll artist, is just over in Washington.  Her sister-in-law is also in the fabric designing business--Heather Bailey

The Michael Miller site shows some great projects with the fabric.  The snip of turquoise showing through on the orange bag and the quilt with the branch appliqued on...I love them both. 

With this shipment, we also received a few pieces from Paula Prass's line, Summer Soiree, the Manhattan colorway--grey, yellow, white, black and pink.  Bold colors and graphics. 

Curtains 8.09 016