A-line Time.

by Lupine. 

Skirt pattern covers

I can't seem to get my mind off the idea of a corduroy wrap skirt. Or at least some sort of A-line skirt in a flattering shape made from a lovely fine wale corduroy. I may just turn to the pages of Sew-U and try her basic skirt pattern. Or I might give the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt a try. I have made the tiered version and it fits very nicely and could easily be made sans lining. 

I am drawn to patterns with a few more details these days, like fun pockets or a placket of some sort, but the skirts I pull out of my closet to actually wear are the most simple of all. The ones that are more uniform than skirt. My go-to grey number is showing a bit (OK, a lot) of wear and is in need of replacement, since I am no longer willing to wear it out of the house. 

The features that I love on these worn out skirts is most of all the shape. A-lines are my friend. Really, they are a friend to all women. A good A-line skirt pattern is a must. You will have and use it for decades, as a flattering skirt never goes out of style. I am leaning towards using this corduroy (shown behind patterns) that I originally had in mind to use for my children to make said A-line skirt. I also have some big pieces of lovely organic cotton canvas that would work nicely as well. 

Wrap skirt

Then there is this rockin' wrap skirt pattern from a summer garage sale. I think it was 25 cents. It is also a flattering A-line and does have a lovely little tie. I am not sure I would make the full-lenght one, but you never know. Maybe the Barcelona Skirt pattern in the corduroy and the 70's wrap skirt in some light-weight canvas might be just what I need.