So Simple it is the New Uniform.

by Lupine.


The other day I was obsessing about the perfect A-line skirt.  Now, I have nearly finished it.  It took about an hour to sew, but then, I had made this skirt before (or a version of it) and it is about the most simple skirt around.  

As I was making choices about what I wanted this little number to be, I realized that I was actually looking for some sort of house/lady/mom uniform.  Something to simplify my life and function well for the tasks at hand.  I am a skirt person, or jeans, but not much else.  Shorts, very rarely are worn, slacks or non-jeans pants always seem to dressy to read stories on the couch and change diapers, or even go to pre-school pick-up in.  

I pull on skirts often: knit skirts, casual skirts, full skirts, but they seem to tend toward  simple and comfortable.  The ones with linings and excessive lovely details just seem like too much for the activities of my current days.  

So what it all came down to is a simple skirt, no lining, no pockets--although they will be added in future versions--with a turned top waistband, bottom hem, and invisible zipper.  I decided to work with the Barcelona skirt pattern because I all ready have it, and I like the fit and basic shape.  

Uniform skirt waistband

Barcelona skirts has a lining, so that had to be left out, but it did have an invisible zipper and that was one feature I wanted.  It was an easy switch.  The zipper placement made it perfect for a little turned down top waistband, as the seam allowance for attaching the lining was 1/2".  I just did two 1/4" turns instead.

My other little skirt tip is to baste the side seams before actually sewing them.  I love it when I remember to do this.  It gives me the chance to make actual adjustments for fit much more easily and takes about 5 minutes to do. I just do it by machine on the longest stitch, not backstitching to start the seam, and presto!  Try it on.  

Uniform skirt hem detail

As for the bottom hem, it is also just a simple turned hem.  1/4" and then 11/4" again.  

Uniform skirt hem in progress

As you can see, I did end up using the polk-a-dot corduroy and I love it.  It is a really nice light weight, but certainly does not need a lining.  It is really shaping up to be my go-to skirt for fall '09.  There will be more, keep your eyes peeled.  The next one is in my brain and has pockets and some bias trim, probably at the pockets and at the top waistband, I am still dreaming up the possibilities.