Pop, Pop, Pop…Bubbles Popping up Everywhere!


We have a talented teaching staff at Bolt.  Many of our teachers sell their work, have inspiring blogs of their own, teach privately, and even design patterns. Hearing pattern designer Shelly Figueroa discuss what goes into her design process for each of her patterns is wonderful.  She is thinking of so much more than the designs for her children's clothing creations; she also considers fit, function, and the garments lifetime. Here, Shelly shares some thoughts that may inspire you to take her upcoming Bubble Skirt class, or pick up the pattern next time you are in the shop.


As a pattern designer it is very important to me to try and implement these three things while I create something new:

1.  The Seamster and Process of Sewing.  I try to keep it as simple as possible with clear and easy to follow instructions. 

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a new pattern, reading the instruction then sit back, ready to sew, and say “what?”  For my patterns, I find three styles of pattern testers: beginner, intermediate and professional.  That way I know which level each pattern is best suited for and every home sewer can achieve wonderful results.  This skirt is a great project for the new seamster; because of all the hidden seams you have room to make mistakes and the pattern helps you learn different ways to use elastic.  For the seamster that has been sewing for a while you can add adorable piping or a little ruffle between the yoke and the skirt.  What ever your skill level, this project makes it fun to choose coordinating fabrics and enjoy a reversible skirt.

Cherry Bubble

2.  Longevity. I love to design a creation that is either reversible or can grow with the child.  Not all patterns can be created this way but it sure is helpful. 

As a home sewer myself I can definitely relate to creating something very special for your child, and then within the month they grow out of it.  This skirt looks wonderful a little longer and it grows well with the child.  An option with this pattern is to lengthen the skirt.  Most girls tend to grow “up” but the waist measurement changes very little so with an elastic waistband you’ll add months to this skirt.  Also, this skirt works well through the seasons.  Add tights and kicky boots for the Fall/Winter, little socks in the Spring, and of course bare legs and feet for the Summer months.  Did I mention this skirt is REVERSIBLE (big bonus for big spills) and frequent wearing.


3.  Last but not least, cuteness.  I can’t get over how cute this skirt turns out.  I love to see the faces of the little ones that bounce around in these skirts.  On the cuteness scale this is definitely a must have.   

 Join me for class on August 25th or Thursday September 1st and bring home an adorable skirt that same night!