Choosing Front Pockets.

by Lupine.

Skirt cutting

I have started cutting skirt number 2. For the second skirt, I am using pea green organic cotton canvas, otherwise it will be about the same plus pockets.  I may make it just a tad shorter and also am considering working in some bias trim somewhere.  As for the pockets, just what kind I am not yet sure.  I know they need to be functional, and also add a bit of interest, but still keep the skirt fairly simple and utilitarian.  

This is a creative decision all my own, as I am not really following a pattern for these, I just did some digging around in my closet and found a few things on hand that I like.  Here are a few of my pocket style contenders:

MJ skirt pocket

This skirt has a bit of flair with the fun topstitching and cute shaped pockets.  As I am a fan of topstitching, I think my second skirt may have a bit more than the first.


These ones have some pretty cool hardware, but mostly I like the curved shape and I think they would be pretty flattering on.

Pants front pocket

This style is basic and highly functional, yet they would still add cute details.

What do you all think?  I am hoping to finish this up in the next day or two, so cast your vote, and see the pockets come to life.