My Serger.

by Lupine.


I am a huge fan of my serger.  I use it nearly every time I sew, and am happy to have it for many tasks.  I get asked in class fairly often about sergers.  What they do, why one might want one, how to use them, all sorts of things.

I can say, that if you intend to continue sewing and have determined you really want to grow your sewing skills, a serger is for you.  It is great tool in the sewing room that you will love to have.  Sergers make finishing seams a breeze and they look amazingly better than a zig-zag stitch or even an overlock stitch on the regular sewing machine.  

They are fast and functional and sometimes intimidating, but they are also really nice to have around.  Sometimes, they are just the thing for a quick finished hem on a skirt or tablecloth.  And with a simple rolled hem, I can whip out a set of cloth napkins in no time.  

Sergerd seam

I keep mine set up and threaded at all times, always at the ready just to the left of my sewing machine.  I can easily finish seams as I go and if threaded with a neutral cream or grey thread, there is little rethreading necessary.  

I have been asked a few times to teach a serger classe, but as they are all so different and I have only ever used mine, I am not up to that task quite yet.  I do know there are shops around the greater Portland area that do offer serger classes, and I would certainly recommend that if you haven't taken one yet and you own a serger, you get signed up soon.  You will get so much more confident with your machine and learn a whole bunch about all of it's capabilities.  

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