Thinking About Napkins.

by Lupine.

I read design blogs and I read cooking blogs, but most of all I read craft and sewing blogs.  Usually the first two serve to inspire or to find things, and the craft and sewing blogs are where my heart is.  But crafting and sewing are not all that I do, I still have to throw down a lovely spread sometimes and therefor I need some menu planning inspiration and some nice table setting ideas.

Lately, I have been in love with the natural fiber linen type napkins and dish towels that I see here.  They are beautiful.  Classic, practical and still create a warm and functional table.  But darn if they aren't pricey and hard to come by.  Plus, what is simpler than making a napkin?  Or a tea towel for that matter.

Linen ticking

As I wondered around at Bolt the other day looking for some fabric for samples for some upcoming classes, I discovered this.  It is just lovely.  

Plus, I am on some kind of crazy touch-o-black kick lately, especially around the housewares department.  Very different for me, but I am going with it.  This could not have been a more perfect fabric choice for some stylish new napkins.

I need to decide on the edge finish.  Do I serge them?  That is the quickest by far.  Do I do a rolled hem?  Lovely for sure.  Mitered corners?  So classy.  I am just not sure.  I also am considering a bias trim like these over here, except solid black for sure.

Did I just say that napkins were simple?  I will keep you posted.

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