New wool and a cute little trench

by Gina.

Trench photos 006

The end of last week we received in a shipment of wools--just in time for fall!  Not to be rushing summer out the door, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared with a new coat when it starts getting a bit chilly in the evenings.  I thought you might enjoy some fun colors too, so I picked up a lovely red and a cool aqua, along with a gorgeous black with charcoal stripe for the more conservative dressers, like myself.  There's a classic hounstooth wool in camel with teal and navy and a worsted wool in brown with a red window pane design, great for a winter time skirt.

I was flipping through one of our books the other day and came across this cute, cute trench pattern.  The book is Simple and Chic Clothing, and it offers a number of nice, simple designs, many shown in warm weather fabric and styles, but with a little tinkering and imagination, can easily be fall appropriate.  I really fell for the trench in this book partly because it looks so simple, and well, chic.  It has raglan sleeves, and no closure and looks like you could whip it up in just a few hours.  I think it would be great in either the home dec weight prints for a spring / fall easy, toss-on-over-jeans sort of coat, or in wool for the cooler days of winter.

Trench photos 002  

We have a group of coat patterns at the store that all would work well in either type of fabric.  Or even in velveteen.  In fact, the Favorite Things Uptown Coat is shown in velveteen in the cover photo.   

If you're in the mood for wool there are a couple of things you should be sure to know about.  First, we have a selection of wool from last year that is marked down 50%, and second, we have incredibly gorgeous Merino wool knits sitting up high above our shelves (a few of the pieces were just moved down to a more accessible shelf).  There are two different weights, one very light, the other a medium weight.  These will sew up beautifully as quick and easy wraps, with just some hemming.  Or, a simple pullover made in this may become your fall uniform, along with one of Lupine's skirts!