Back to School Pants for Baby.

by Lupine.

Baby in pants

I don't even have school age children, but somehow, I am swept away in the "Back to School" feeling that comes each September.  My 3.5 year old does go to preschool, but that is different, so much less schoolie.  The baby is no where near school, but she is the one with the back to school pants problem.  Or should I say lack of pants problem.  

We have the toughest time getting pants to fit her.  She seems to only ever have about 4-5 pairs and they are always dirty because she is a messy-eating-floor-playing-falling-down-18 month old.  And she wears cloth diapers.  You other cloth diaper Mama's will know why that needs a mention.  They really add about 2 sizes to the butt area of your baby.  And pants for toddlers and little girls are cut so slim these days, there is no way that diapered tush will even come close to fitting.

Knee patch

Good thing her Mama sews.  I just made her some Sand Box Pants, with a couple variations.  I love that pattern.  You can fuss it up with all kinds of pockets or keep it super simple.  There can be contrasting fabric or not.  There can be a tie or not.  It is really a good simple shape and easy to customize.

I made a size 3 and took off about 1.5 inches in length.  I also added some knee patches for fun.  Really I did it because I had some scraps of this lovely fabric and the colors are just great for this time of year.  I made the knee patch up entirely and frankly think they are positioned too low, but I like them anyway. They were just machine stitched on using a nice little blanket stitch and I didn't fuse them ahead or anything.

Pants front view

My other breakthrough for this pattern is doing a fake tie at the waistband.  I like the tie waist but c'mon, who needs to tie during a diaper change.  I certainly don't.  I just did an elastic waistband all the way around but still did the button holes as per the pattern.  Instead of sewing two lengths of tie fabric onto the elastic and threading this long squirrely thing the whole way around, I just threaded the tie in one button hole and out the other.  That is right, in one, out the other, and tie.  Now, the full elastic waist is achieved and the tie is useless, asside from being a lovely little detail.

Baby now has one pair of stylish fall pants for baby school.