One of My Favorite Things; Covered Buttons, a Tutorial.

Take a look at this fun tutorial from Shelly.  You can learn how all the darling little hair accessories you have been drooling over at long last. 


I love
projects in which I can use my scraps and making covered buttons has been a long time favorite.   In the
beginning I used my covered buttons for exactly what they are, buttons.  As my love for covered buttons
blossomed I discovered all the fun things you can use them for. Right now my top choice for covered buttons is making
hair bands, clips or pins.


gather your supplies: 

covered buttons or covered button kit


small pliers

craft glue or a hot glue gun

hair bands, clips, and/or hair pins

fabric scraps

piece of twine or string

fabric pen


If you
have a fabric covered button kit you can use the measurements on the back according to your
button size.  If you only have the
button I suggest laying the button down on top of the fabric and using it as a
template.  When you do this I would
draw the circle ¼” away from the button itself.  

When using fabric with a unique design place your button
over the area you would like to showcase for your hair accessory.  Here I used the face of Tina Givens
Treetop Fancys


the fabric on top of the white base, place the button front atop the fabric and
press down.  Now place the button
back on top of the covered button front and use the blue cap or your fingers
and press.


Pop out
your button (so cute).  Take your
string or twine and wrap it around your ponytail holder, it will serve as a threader to pull your hair band through the snug little shank loop on the back of the button. Pull the hair elastic through and knot back over itself. Voila!


terrific hair accessories are the hair pin or clips.  You will need your glue gun or craft glue for these.  You follow the same instructions for
the ponytail holder until you get to the end.  


When you have your cute button ready take your small pliers
and pull out the shank.  


Using your
glue place a small dollop on the button back and press the hair pin or clip
right into the glue.  It’s
recommended you wait 12 hours for the glue to dry permanently but honestly I
have made mine at 4pm and went to dinner at 6pm and have had no trouble. 


more wonderful idea if you like to embroider is to make embroidered covered
buttons.  My friend April created all of the embroidered buttons in this photo; these definitely takes the boring old tie into a piece of art for your hair.   Next time you have 10-15 minutes
sit down and create some fun one of a kind hair accessories for you or someone
special (they make great gifts)!

If you are not the hair clip type, try some other fun options: dress of your
cork board with covered button tacks, get your fridge gussied up with button magnets, create earrings, or even bracelets.