A bit about magazines

by Gina.


We recently started carrying a selection of sewing magazines and I find them to be a nice addition to the collection of books and patterns also offered.  We currently carry Threads, Burda, Ottobre, Stitch and Sew Stylish.  Stitch and Sew Stylish are special issue publications and come out a couple times a year.  Threads, Ottobre and Burda are issued more regularly.  Ottobre and Burda offer full size patterns to sew up for children and women.  

Ottobre comes from Finland with four childrens issues and two womens issues a year.  The clothing is quite varied, with a European / Scandinavian flair to their styles.  One of the things I really like about this brand is that they offer clothes for little ones all the way up to teenagers and for the women's styles they offer casual, professional and out-on-the-town designs for all women.  I like that their models look like everyday women of all sizes.  I also like that you get more than 40 designs in each issue.  If you want to try more than one or two projects, it's a great deal at $18. 

Burda is the other one providing us with full size patterns and these tend to be very stylish, including office-appropriate clothing as well as more casual, or evening attire.  Their designs are elegant and current.  Their website discusses a lot of what is being shown on the runways.  They are definitely geared more toward high-fashion. 


Threads magazine is published six times a year and offers so much useful information.  I must admit, I'm not always drawn to the styles of things in the magazine, but when I look beyond that and really pay attention to the content, I learn a lot.  In a past issue there were articles on top-stitching, putting in zippers, pattern reviews, how to alter a dress depending on your bust size, and discussion of a few tools and new items on the market.  A lot of information.

Sew Stylish and Stitch are special issue publications that come out less regularly and offer tons of fun projects, including some by a couple of our own Portland clever sewists!