Pretty, pretty fabric and....Amy Karol's new book is here!

by Gina.

Kokka 9.4.09 007

On Friday I had the delightful task of unpacking new fabric from Kokka, a Japanese textile company.  They offer us some of the best, contemporary, gorgeous fabrics and I always love opening those boxes.  There typically isn't a box of fabric that I don't love to open, but these are particularly special.  This time around Japanese designer Etsuko Furuya’s prints are on the ever lovely, soft and sweet double gauze.  This fabric is soft and airy, without being too shear (due to the double layer).  Perfect fabric for tops and dresses.  The graphics are so cool, the colors so refreshingly different.  We also have re-ordered some of her last line that is printed on a heavier weight cotton / linen blend, and a couple of prints will come coated with a vinyl coating making it great for water resistant projects.

Kokka 9.4.09 006

A group of three cutie prints from designer Tula Pink of Moda Fabrics came in too.  She creates sweet, interesting designs with hidden animals.  In this latest group there are a bunny damask and a flowery duck if you look carefully.

Kokka 9.4.09 009

Later in the day we received a box from Alexander Henry.  Again, this is one of my favorite boxes to bust open.  Alexander Henry puts their upcoming prints on paper in a very, very large binder.  I get all giddy when I know I’m going to get to flip through that huge book, and I turn the pages slowly to make it last just a little bit longer.  It is so much fun. 

They have recently started to update their website regularly so we can see what’s on the way and what is just shipping, along with past prints.  In Friday’s box was a few pieces from Natura—Laurel Canyon, Birdsong, and Canyon Flutter—trees, butterflies, birds, all in a sort of soft, water-color-y style.

A few more Day of the Dead skull prints, some with glitter (pretty, pretty), and also with a sort of water color, or maybe more chalk drawing and water color combination.  Artistic, as prints from Alexander Henry can often be.

On their way still are pieces from the Good Earth collection (be sure to check out the poppies on the second page) and Fashionista.

On the book side of things around the store, I'm thrilled to announce that local author, Amy Karol's new book has arrived!  Check it out on the locals' table--you're sure to enjoy!  We'll be holding a signing with Amy the beginning of October, so stay tuned.