Mostly Cutting

by Lupine.


The conclusion of my week of cutting felt was a success. I was pleased with both the "Happy Birthday" banner and the name banner I made. I was lucky to get some expert advice from Autumn at a crucial moment of color decision making on the "Happy Birthday" banner. 

I had gone into Bolt to get myself some felt for these projects and practiced zero restraint. I got about every color of the wonderful felt sheets that are a blend of wool and rayon and used them all. The sheets are big, 12x18 or so, and you can get a lot of letters and circles out of them. They were even big enough for these princess hats and crowns that I made for party favors. 

crown and hats

I prefer the wool felt or the blended wool and rayon to the regular felt any day, but occasionally I have to use the less savory felt for the color pop. The dark pink letters in the "Happy Birthday" banner are made from the rayon only felt, and it really does the trick of making this banner girlie enough but not overly sugary.

hats and crown

The tutorial for the crown and princess hat came from Skip to My Lou, although I didn't use the crown template, I just traced one I had made previously. They came out great and were a total hit with the children. The keeper of the "W" crown wore his to bed for the night, making the whole cutting experience worth each snip.