The Beach.

by Lupine.


What better way to spend a few days than snuggled up in a cozy beach house with amazing friends sewing. Well, some were knitting and others of us were sewing.  The projects included: yo-yo's, napkins, owl backpack, dress, quilt top, two shirts, skirt, hand warmers, sweater, and more napkins. It sounds like a lot, and it was, we were so focused and relaxed, good things were really happening.


I said a couple times and I will say again it has been a life long goal to go on a sewing get away. We just needed a place to stay, food, lounge wear, cocktails, and lots of sewing and knitting projects. 


I finished two projects from Twinkle Sews and the Sencha blouse from Colette Patterns. I could have done more if I wouldn't have slept so late Sunday. 


If you have ever thought this sort of thing sounded like fun, I suggest you gather a couple other like minded friends and head for the crafting destination of your choice. We hardly left the house, but did explore a bit here. And I kept running out of thread, so I was glad there were other sewers there to back me up. 


photos compliments of Nancy Ricci