Happy New Year, we have missed you.

Well, you may have actually been here, visiting, commenting, reading posts, but as you can see we have not. We have been doing all the other holiday stuff: wrapping, opening, celebrating, loving, and spending time off line.

It is nice to be back and we are looking forward to some fun in the upcoming months. I have a few holiday projects of the gift variety that I had to wait to share, due to snooping family and friends. We are also working on some fun new exciting ventures that have been taking up some of our time (more on that to come).

The pajama pants were well received all around, as were the Oliver+S Storytime Pajamas and the other handmade gifts. I love the feeling of someone opening something and exclaiming "you made this?!" with equal parts shock and happiness, as much as I love the part when I make stuff and think special thoughts of the person and how they will use it and love it (hopefully).

It would be wonderful if you would take a moment to share some of you holiday gift successes via the Flickr group as well as the comments. That would be the nicest little holiday present we could ever get.