Colette Patterns are here!

by Lupine.


Yesterday I was talking with a friend about what project I am working on. My answer is that I am currently working on NOTHING. It is kind of a nice break, or was a nice break I should say. I am now going to be working on this beautiful blouse. It will be a nice self indulgent project for the start of the year. That is about what I need after a season of sewing for gifts to give away.


Which is your favorite Colette Pattern? I can simply not decide. But I am doing the blouse because:

A. I love it.

B. I am planning on teaching a class on it this winter or spring.

Oh, and C. I am obsessed with Mad Men and this really speaks to the beautiful clothes in that show and my fantasy of getting them to fit me. 

Anyway, come by and pick up a pattern to for yourself!