Cozy Up to Flannel Pajamas

valori wells flannel

Living with three boys and one man has elevated the status of "sleepy pants" to another level in my life.  They love cuddly, flannel pants for night time and who can blame them?  I have a pretty big fabric stash, but flannel never seems to stick around for long.  We need a whole new crop of pants for these colder days and growing boys-- of course, it helps that they are about the easiest thing to make. The store is swimming in soft flannel for the fall and winter.  There are a lot of super cute novelty prints, but there are also a whole host of subtle prints and near solids suitable for those people in your life that like a warmer palette. 


Check out our Sleepwear pattern bins for loads of options for adults and children. The Favorite Things collection has a great pj option (the Sleep Well Pajamas) for tops and bottoms which avoids fussy collars and is suitable for men or women.  I'm going to try out Jalie's Pajama Set Pattern (not in silk, thankyouverymuch) with a notched collar out of some of the new Moda flannel

Lupine is teaching a Learn to Sew Pajamas for the People class down at MD using the Sleep Well pattern.  If you're new to sewing or working up the nerve to make something to wear for yourself, this is the place to start.  Pajamas are some of the first things I successfully made for myself, and they are a staple in my night-time wardrobe.  Who am I kidding?  They are a staple in my I'm-not-leaving-the-house-today wardrobe, too.