Weekend Project: Holiday (or not) Gnomes

Happy Zombie for Lucien


I was in the store a few weeks ago when Amy opened up a box full of prints from Japanese company Lucien.  Much to our surprise the box contained a few beautiful holiday themed prints from fellow Oregonian, Monica Solorio-Snow.  It's rare that Bolt carries holiday specific prints (the store just does not have the room to store unsold Santa Clauses in March) but I'm guessing these were too good to pass up. 

Both of these projects were sewn from the Gnoma Claus Panel print.  There are five different gnomes (and their backsides!) in graduated sizes per panel.  They sew up into quick stuffed toys and pillows and they all make fast appliques on pillows, stockings, or gift bags.  I made my envelop closure slipcover in the same size as one of my couch throw pillows.  When the season is up, I'll just fold up Mr. Gnome and put him in with my Christmas bins.  Done and done!  I know it's a little early to be talking the end of December, but these are going fast.  Monica's blog is jam packed with inspiration, including free patterns and loads of quilting tips.  

Edited:  Monica is this month's special speaker at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild at PNCA!