Sale Booty and October's Give Away



Today (Sunday) is the last day of the sale.  We're open an extra hour today, from 11-5pm.  (We're holding our regular 11-4pm hours today, sorry for the confusion.)  I was in yesterday and picked up some flannel for little boy pj pants and some woven stripe for, uh, you know.  Something.  I'm going back today for Liberty.  I tried to resist but at 20-30% off... well, that's a tough one. 


We are giving away two extrordinairy bundles of fabric this month.  The first is the entire line of Amy Butler's Daisy Chain.  The second score is from Phillip Jacob and includes both the Ivy and the Tulip lines.  Leave a comment to win-- we can mail it to any U.S. address and comments will be left open until Friday, October 29th at midnight PST. 

Have you begun sewing for gift giving?  Do you have a fantasy list and a reality list of what you'll get done?  I do.  They are probably both on the unrealistic side.