Gifts to Make: Table Runners and Tutus

Hex Table Runner

towels and towelling


I had hoped to show you a finished Hex Table runner today, but my hand-quilting was off-kilter and I had to rip it out and start over!  These things happen (all the time).  This hexagon templates are included in Malka Dubrawsky's Fresh Quilting and the fabric for it is a mix of in-stock Joel Dewberry, stripes, dots and a few old prints from my shelves.  The hexes are machine pieced (which I've never done before) and I can happily say that they were pretty easy to put together.  Our table runner this season is 2 yards of Moda toweling hemmed up at two ends!  It looks a little scandinavian and could not have been easier or cheaper to put together (pictured above).

Easy is probably what most of our customers are looking for at the moment, and sometimes making gifts for kids can be the easiest of all.  Lupine wrote about a Make Your Own Fort Kit last year, which I thought was GENIUS, and there are always quick capes for the super hero set.  Tutus are always in style and we have a nice selection of tulle and netting to get you going.  (Try basting 1/2" from the selvege edge along the entire length of your yardage.  Pull the bobbin thread to gather the fabric up into giant ruffles.  Baste down the ruffles and enclose the itchy edge in wide bias tape, leaving the ends as ties.)

We will be here to help you all weekend long as we're open today (Friday) until 6, Saturday 10-5, and Sunday 11-4.