Caldera, part 2

Another amazing quilt from the kids of Caldera.  Check out the post on the 10th to see the first quilt!  Help support Caldera through Bolt.  All fabric on tubes will be 25% off on Saturday, February 27th and at the end of the day, 10% of the day's total sales will be donated to the organization.

Caldera's Youth Program provides underserved Oregon children with year-round, long-term mentoring through arts and nature projects, beginning at age eleven and continuing through young adulthood. 
Caldera's adult program offers month-long residencies to professional artists: the gift of time & creative workspace at our blue lake facility in the Oregon cascade mountains.

Tree of intention quilt Each made a bird for the Tree of Intention (the small papers you see are their intentions written on archive paper which were later hidden and stitched behind their bird). 

The Tree of Intention

There are so many lessons to metabolize at Caldera..

as it is the rainbow cloth of many of our new beginnings.

It is the initiator of our dreams,

and the touchstone of our intentions.

This is the sister quilt to The Dreamtree quilt

we made together last year..

the older, wiser sister

who understands that dreams are just what they are, 

unrealized, without the pointed dedicated focus

of all necessary steps. 

These quilts stitched in time, one after another.

I wish our children their dreams, 

but even more I wish our children a firm

and steadfast commitment to themselves. 

the will, and work ethic to move forward

along their path to the forest of true contentment.

We're here every step of the way..

foraging together towards these woods.

susan fischer

caldera 2007


Close up tree of intention

Tree of Intention closeup: some of the amazing birds the kids made for this quilt


Caldera fiber class

one of our summer classes...exquisite creative chaos!