pretty new things

by Gina.

I have been so in love with shot cottons lately.  If you're unfamiliar with them, please, come introduce yourself.  They are lovely.  They are from Kaffe Fassett, over at Westminster Fibers.  They are a made from two different colored thread, one woven in one direction, the other in the other direction.  It's one of those things where the sum is more than the parts.  You end up with these gorgeous, deep colors, so much more interesting than a "regular" solid.  The shots in particular are very soft and light weight.  Really quite lovely.  The latest colors added to our collection are in the photo above.  We have an ever-changing collection of them as they get snatched up and we wait for more to arrive.

We also just unpacked the second line designed by Laura Gunn.  She brought us sweet birds and Chinese lanterns last time around.  She is a painter first, and they have done a great job in translating her prints that look like they are painted on a canvas, onto the printed cloth without it looking cheesy.  We just stretched one print over a frame for in the store and it looks so nice.  Big poppies, climbing vines and spring-y dogwood blooms.

There's a neat little group from In The Beginning--lots of images overlaying one another, bold colors.  And, lastly, the environmentally-safe dyed linen has started to arrive.  There are a three in now--a dark lilac, a light lilac and a medium brown.  Two of them are such an amazing, light, airy weight.  I unrolled one and thought it would make a gorgeous, simple, light wrap for summer, and with the two together, it would make it that much more interesting...We still have another five or six on their way.  We'll keep you posted.